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July 21, 2023 → July 23, 2023

36 projects, 8 bounty winners, 4 finalists hacked on Sismo 💜

🏆 Sismo Bounty Winners

Sismo Bounty
Hackathon Rating
Best use of Sismo Connect - $3,000
Harpos: leveraging Sismo and XMTP, Harpos is a social network centered on privacy and anonymity where users can choose multiple criteria to select who they want to connect with.
Best use of Sismo Connect - $2,000
Bubbles: a voice chat app for onchain communities. Create token-gated rooms based on token ownership, POAP claims, group affiliations and more.
Best use of Sismo Connect - $1,000
Ostraka: an onchain/zero knowledge based solution for an anonymous, sybil-resistant voting platform.
Best use of Sismo Connect - $800
zkPaymaster: a revolutionary account abstraction aaymaster utilising Sismo zero knowledge proofs to conditionally sponsor transactions for users.
Best use of Sismo Connect - $800
Swipe 2 Bribe
Swipe 2 Bribe: keep the politicians accountable for their election promises.
Best use of Sismo Connect - $800
ASAP - As Social As Provable
ASAP: a collaboration tool aimed at companies and DAO to make them able to post on decentralized protocol without the need to give a private key to a 3rd party like a community manager.
Best use of Sismo Connect - $800
TyphoonCashX: a protocol enabling bridging any ERC20 native tokens across any EVM compatible chains in an anonymous way.
Best use of Sismo Connect - $800
Délégative: an offchain DAO liquid democracy voting app with identity proofs and vote delegations.

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