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June 23, 2023 → June 25, 2023

46 hackers, 16 projects, 1 finalist hacked on Sismo 💜

🏆 Sismo Bounty Winners

Sismo Bounty
Hackathon Rating
Best use of Sismo Connect for Sybil-resistance
Shields for crypto
Shields for crypto: a crosschain, token-gated NFT private minting platform for holders of ‘Stand With Crypto’, used to collect a private and sybil-resistant ERC20 token airdrop, with more token rewards for each proof shared to the app.
Best onchain Sismo Connect App
zBay: app enabling data and reputation importation from eBay, secure escrow, XMTP chat, and transparent dispute resolution using the Uma optimistic oracle.
Best offchain Sismo Connect App
WiserRiser: bubble up good content by using a variant of prediction markets to lighten moderators’ loads, providing an accurate signal about whether any specific submitted content is a great fit for the community.
Best technical wow factor
User Proof Membership
User Proof Membership: app enabling ERC-6551 Token Bound Accounts to create and verify group memberships without revealing personal data.
Best privacy vibe
V-lance: a freelance services marketplace with onchain verification and private way to showcase work history and track records without KYC.